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March 2024 Hot Lunch: Colorado’s Immigration Influx~ Stories, Solutions, and Actions



11:30 am - 1:30 pm

As the number of migrants who have been bussed or traveled to our “ sanctuary state ” has reached nearly 40,000 in the past few months, the city of Denver has commissioned nonprofits to be the front line for receiving immigrants. Denver’s Migrant Sheltering and Support dashboard calculates the daily numbers, and currently there are 3,300 sheltered who are actively looking for work and stable housing. The immigration process, work permits, education , and health obstacles require careful navigation of systems, aided by nonprofits like Vive Wellness and Papagayo .

In this intimate Hot Lunch event, we had the great privilege of hearing from four families who have recently come to the Denver metro area. The event was grounded in language justice with interpretation services from the Community Language Coop.  After hearing the immigration stories, we heard from Vive Wellness, Papagayo, and Rose Community Foundation’s newcomers fund.