Our Work

Initiatives that support children and families throughout Colorado

Educational Initiatives

Breathing Life into Ideas. Transforming Education.

At the Donnell-Kay Foundation, our innovative projects are driven by our team members, whose experiences, interests, connections and areas of expertise all inform the work we engage in. Just as we invest in smart, forward-thinking people across the state to lead the most exciting initiatives in their communities, we invest in our staff to identify compelling and relevant projects with the most potential to make a positive impact on youth and families.

Current work

Currently, we support impactful work in and across four focus areas that are critical to improving education in Colorado.

Improving K-12 Education

Elevating the K-12 educational landscape through innovative programs, research-backed strategies, and systemic reforms. We aim to foster inclusive learning environments and enhance educational experiences for students, educators, and communities.

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Advancing Early Childhood Education

Nurturing the building blocks of learning through early childhood initiatives that prioritize quality, accessibility, and equity. Our commitment lies in supporting robust early childhood education for every child’s developmental success.

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Increasing Access to Affordable Housing

Championing initiatives to ensure stable and affordable housing for families, creating conducive environments for learning and growth. We strive to address housing disparities to support thriving communities and improved educational outcomes.

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Supporting Child Nutrition and Community Food Access

Promoting nutrition-rich environments in educational settings and communities, fostering healthy eating habits and wellness among students and families. Our efforts focus on ensuring access to nourishing meals for optimal student health and academic success from birth to career.

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