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Our Mission

Transforming ideas into impact through dialogue and action.

The Donnell-Kay Foundation aims to improve public education in Colorado through research, policy, creative dialogue, and critical thinking. We invest in projects, programs, and people who seek systemic solutions to strengthening the experience of learning for children and youth.

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Tony Lewis

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Miguel In Suk Lovato

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Kim Knous Dolan

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Tony Lewis


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Frequently Asked Questions

You can either submit a general inquiry on our “contact us” button, or reach out to a member of our team directly from their bios above.

DK Foundation typically puts its time, money, and energy into our specific projects (see “Our Work”) but there are specific circumstances where we issue small (only up to $10,000) start-up grants to nonprofit entities. If you feel you qualify, please submit a contact request.

We encourage you to submit a “contact us” general inquiry and we will ensure it gets to the correct team member.

During different seasons, we have hired fellows or interns for 6 months to a year. If you are interested in such an opportunity, please submit a contact us request.

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We welcome opportunities to connect, share insights, explore collaborative initiatives, and delve into meaningful conversations that drive positive change in Colorado’s educational landscape. Reach out today to initiate a conversation and become a part of our mission to shape a brighter future for education in our communities.

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