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Jan 23 Hot Lunch: Choice vs. the Common Good – who decides which schools children should attend and what are the consequence of those decisions?



The purpose of a public school system, when envisioned by Horace Mann was to help develop a civil society, mix the economic classes of people, and ensure a strong democracy through curriculum that was non-sectarian. Over time, our educational systems have evolved and changed – with many new options that were unavailable in the 1800s for learning and new laws and legal rulings allowing parents to choose the best school for their child.

In January, we tackled the purpose of a public school system today and the tension of accomplishing that with the knowledge that parents want to choose the best educational place for their child. We asked, how do you honor and respect the notion that parents should choose the best educational delivery system for their child while collectively building a strong society and democracy?

Howard Fuller and Ulcca Joshi Hansen answered this question and many more with a riveting discussion about school choice and the realities of our current school structure.

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