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The Donnell-Kay Foundation aims to improve public education in Colorado through research, policy, creative dialogue, and critical thinking. We invest in projects, programs, and people who seek systemic solutions to strengthening the experience of learning for kids from birth to career.

What We’re Working On

How Might We Ensure Quality...

by Colleen Broderick
We know that Colorado kids and young adults are already learning in many places and in many ways beyond the formal school environment.  We also know that often these experiences are not coordinated or valued in the same way as school-based programs. This summer we... read more

Year Four of ReSchool

by Rebecca Kisner
Last month marks the three year anniversary since starting ReSchool Colorado, which in February 2013 was little more than a dream for Tony Lewis and Amy Anderson of the Donnell-Kay Foundation. Today, ReSchool describes the design and launch of an inspirational... read more

Charter Facility Solutions

by Matt Samelson
DK is among a group of local and national funders interested in developing a coherent and robust strategy to address charter facility needs in Colorado. We are designing a creative new approach to finance facilities, specifically for charter school operators.... read more

Who We Are

Our innovative projects are driven by our team members, whose experiences, interests, connections and areas of expertise all inform the work we engage in.

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The Donnell-Kay Foundation is a well-known convener of diverse groups of people across the education sector. In addition to presenting at local and national conferences on a range of topics, DK often hosts events for the local education community, including our monthly Hot Lunch speaker series that began in 2005.

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