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February 15, 2016 by Tony Lewis

Welcome to the “new” Donnell-Kay Foundation website!

I’m excited to unveil the site and to share a bit more of what this incredible team of people is working on and thinking about. And that latter piece – what we’re thinking about – is the part that really excites me. I want our website to be a place of discovery. A place where we share the ideas and early-stage thoughts we have with a wider audience, and for you to share your thoughts with us. What you won’t find here is an archive of completed reports and past projects.

I hope you’ll come back to the DK website on a regular basis – to engage with us, to read our latest musings and to help us think outside of our normal limits. There is a deep need for innovative thinking to re-imagine teaching and learning – and we know we’re just scratching the surface so far.

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