GripTape Expands to Colorado

August 01, 2018 by Antonio Parés

Young people have interests, passions, and the desire to deeply engage in their own learning. Many youth, particularly those from lower-income communities and rural areas, undergo disempowering and passive learning experiences. Which is why the Donnell-Kay Foundation is excited to support and partner with GripTape as it expands to Colorado. GripTape is a national initiative housed within the nonprofit America Achieves, which helps youth to become drivers of their educational advancement and seize great opportunities to grow, lead, and serve.

GripTape provides youth 15 through 19 years old with full decision-making authority, financial resources, and regular support to design and lead their own learning, and in the process, build strong levels of agency and leadership skills. The GripTape Learning Challenge, designed by youth for youth, is a call to action for young people to design, create, and execute their own learning experiences.
For the first time this summer, GripTape’ signature Learning Challenge model launched in Colorado's San Luis Valley (SLV). With opportunities for 48 SLV youth to be sponsored in the first year of a multi-year engagement in the Valley, GripTape will provide grants up to $500, a “Champion” to offer support and encouragement, and an online network of other GripTape youth across the country who are connecting virtually, sharing resources, and cheering each on in support of youth driving their own learning.

To learn more, check out GripTape's website or contact GripTape Colorado Program Manager Amy Scavezze. Amy is an SLV local raising her family in Alamosa and is so excited to bring this experiential and youth-led learning opportunity to young people in her community. You can reach Amy by phone at (719) 588-5753 or email.

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