ReSchool Colorado becomes a non-profit organization

April 06, 2018 by Amy Anderson

We’re excited to announce that ReSchool has gained 501(c)3 status as a non-profit organization.

For those who have been following our journey since 2013, you know ReSchool started as an initiative of the Donnell-Kay Foundation (a non-profit organization itself). Since then, we’ve learned so much about creating an education system centered on the needs and aspirations of learners in a quickly changing world.

After five years of researching and designing that system, we’ve begun to operationalize the concepts that have emerged. As that work brings us in closer proximity to learners and their families across Colorado, we decided it was time for a new structure to house our initiatives.

While we still maintain a close relationship with the foundation - we share members of our team and our board, and our office space in downtown Denver - our non-profit status allows us to expand our initiatives, grow our impact, and ultimately spread our vision for more expansive learning across the state.

ReSchool does not seek to operate like a conventional organization. We believe that new models of human collaboration are emerging that express the unique needs and opportunities of our time, and we see ourselves as part of this emergence.

By taking this path, we are knowingly embracing uncertainty, experimentation, and the challenge of trying to do things in a new way. Just as we seek to help create an education system that is creative, adaptive, self-correcting, and decentralized, we seek to do the same as an organization.

It is important to us to align how ReSchool operates internally with the world we hope to see externally. Our vision for both systems is inspired more by natural, living systems than by industrial, mechanistic models.

To support this next stage of our evolution, we’ve articulated our guiding beliefs for our new organization:

  • Learners are agents of their destinies and co-designers of their education experience.

  • Success for young adulthood depends on more than academic preparation. Education must offer high quality, multi-faceted opportunities for learners to seek meaning in life and contribute to their community.

  • The education system must be a dynamic system, so it can respond to the changing needs of the world.
  • Building relationships and social networks are essential for navigating learning and life.
  • We must disrupt traditional power dynamics in order to advance equity in education. That means honoring and giving weight to people historically excluded from system design and leadership.
  • Educators will flourish and thrive when they are valued and their expertise is leveraged.

This is how we seek to advance those beliefs in our current initiatives:

  • Close opportunity gaps that inhibit access to learning and connectedness.

  • Acknowledge, validate and make visible learning that happens everywhere.

  • Build learner and family capacity to navigate complex systems.

  • Engage communities to co-create new opportunities for learning.

  • Utilize research to measure impact and inform design.

  • Highlight and accelerate learner-centered ideas and practices.

For more information about ReSchool's work as a non-profit organization, visit our website.

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