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Blog Post: Reducing mandates, redundancies & burdens on school districts

DK's Associate Director Kim Knous Dolan offers some thoughts and raises questions about whether it's possible to reduce burdens on schools and districts by streamlining the system.


"Great Expectations, Mixed Results" Update: Extended Appendix available now for all of Denver's new schools

After DK released its latest report last week, we heard from several readers who offered a piece of advice: update the Appendix to cover all 32 schools that started in the last 5 years and are still operating. We've taken that advice and the extended Appendix is live now.


"Great Expectations, Mixed Results:" DK releases report on DPS new school performance

Some of Denver’s new schools are doing well in their first few years of operation. Others are not helping their students achieve the academic growth they need to be successful. DK’s newest report offers an analysis of 36 charter, innovation, and redesign schools that have opened in DPS over the last 5 years.

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