Blog Post by Kristina Tabor: Big Jump in Homeless Youth

Homelessness puts children at risk in a number of ways; among them, a higher risk for dropping out of school. The Donnell-Kay Foundation focuses on policy work to fix Colorado's dropout crisis. The US Department of Education recently released homeless youth numbers for the 2010-2011 school year, and sadly the data doesn't look very good in Colorado and around the nation.


Blog Post by Kim Knous Dolan: Piloting a New Approach to Alternative Schools

Last week, I co-presented at the National Alliance for Public Charter School’s conference with the Colorado League of Charter Schools. The topic: How to think differently about the way we support, measure, and incent quality alternative schools.


Donnell-Kay Projects: Jobs for the Future & Denver Public Schools Team Up For Alt Ed

Denver Public Schools (DPS) now has a clearer road map for reducing the number of potential high school dropouts. The Boston-based nonprofit Jobs for the Future (JFF) partnered with the school district to figure out how to help students reach graduation.

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