This Week @DonnellKay - Playing Catch-up on the Ravitch-Brooks-Bruce Randolph Debate

It was another fairly quiet week at Donnell-Kay, given Monday’s holiday. But the ed news didn’t seem to stop, despite vacations and the general midsummer lull.

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Innovative New Schools:

DKF’s executive director Tony Lewis quoted in The Denver Post: DPS OK’s teacher’s new charter

Blended Learning:

Tom Vander Ark: How to double learning time

THE Journal: The disruption of blended learning

What does a good flipped class look like?

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Denver’s Bruce Randolph School stayed firmly at the center of the Diane Ravitch vs. Reformer debate this week. After Ravitch singled out the school in a late May New York Times op-ed, others came to its defense. Then, this week, columnist David Brooks slammed Ravitch (no mention of BR), sparking a letter from Ravitch and a Paul Tough NYT Magazine piece, the latter which does mention Bruce Randolph. Phew! Tired? Guess what: the debate isn’t over yet. The New York Times promises more about this in Sunday’s Review section.

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All this, of course, started when Barack Obama mentioned Bruce Randolph in his 2011 State of the Union Address.

Ravitch: Waiting for a School Miracle

Brooks: Smells Like School Spirit

Ravitch’s Response

Tough: No, Seriously: No Excuses.

Ed Sector’s take: The Bruce Randolph Rorschach Test

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Friday, July 8, 2011