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We said a very sad goodbye this week to our first fellow Amanda Skrzypchak. She’s headed to Chicago for the summer to be a School Director at Teach for America. Amanda will be back in August, and we don’t expect she’ll be a stranger. We want to thank her for all her hard work and good humor here at DKF! Click here to learn a little more about Amanda.

Also, Donnell-Kay reached 100 Twitter followers this week!

We’re always talking about:

Blended Learning: One size fits one at Hawaii Tech Academy

Sal Kahn on The Colbert Report

& Jobs for the Future came to our offices today to talk about a Denver partnership to help kids off-track to graduation.

We’re reading about:

Chiefs for Change endorse the National Association on Teacher Quality’s review of teacher prep programs 

Denver Post: More Colorado schools turning to iPad for education

Culinary boot camp gets kids eating better at Aurora Public Schools

Favorite Twitter follow of the week:

Our very own Amy Anderson joined Twitter this week and started to message from a conference at the Gates Foundation in Seattle. Please follow her! @berkanderson


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Friday, June 3, 2011