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School kids are back in class, which means the school news is revving up.

So, I’m back at it with This Week @DonnellKay, a Friday roundup of Colorado education news.

Sunday’s Denver Post featured spots on the Lobato school finance trial, including a commentary from DKF’s Executive Director Tony Lewis. Links to the online version here:

School spending on trial in Colorado by Tony Lewis & Van Schoales

Excerpts from the plaintiffs’ opening statements

Excerpts from the defense’s opening statements

A statement in support of the plaintiffs from an attorney with the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund

School Board elections, or at least opinions about it, are heating up too:

DKF’s Kim Knous-Dolan wrote a commentary in EdNews, encouraging positive dialogue

And last Sunday, Editorial Page Editor Curtis Hubbard wrote about it

And the Douglas County voucher program met an obstacle:

Judge halts Douglas County voucher program

Dougco voucher debate far from over

Private schools to keep Douglas County voucher students during court fight

Last but certainly not least, The New York Times featured healthy eating in Colorado schools:

Schools restore fresh cooking to the cafeteria

Kristina Tabor, Donnell-Kay

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Friday, August 19, 2011