Playing Catch-Up: Klein, Murdoch & Education

Maybe you caught The New York Times front page article Sunday about former NY city schools chancellor Joel Klein and his work with Rupert Murdoch.

But the education community has been atwitter about this for some time. Here are some links to help you catch up, since the phone hacking scandal took Klein/Murdoch from the business pages to the front page.

Before what will informally go down in history as "piegate," Reuters addressed Klein’s potential influence on Murdoch’s News Corp. in mid-July.

Then, Klein was literally in the picture when Murdoch was hit with a cream pie.

Post "piegate," Dana Goldstein tackled the issue of Murdoch’s education agenda.

After hiring Klein last fall, the media mogul bought Wireless Generation, the company responsible for helping School of One with blended learning.

The New York Times called the purchase News Corp’s "first foray into the for-profit world of education" since getting out of the textbook business.

And, of course, here at DKF we’re tuned in for a number of reasons, among them blended learning‘s unexpected intersection with Rupert Murdoch.

Listen to School of One’s founder Joel Rose talking to a Donnell-Kay lunch crowd about its blended model here.

Kristina Tabor, Donnell-Kay

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Monday, July 25, 2011